Dr. Shivadev M


MBBS, MD, Fellow of the European Committe of Sexual Medicine (FECSM).

Passionate, Ethical, Empathetic, Performance driven, Trust-worthy.

Hello there! Welcome to my page.

I am one of the Medical Directors of Passion Fruit – Relationship & Sexual wellness center.

By training I am a Psychiatrist and Sexual Medicine Specialist. I am passionate about the work I do and my journey for 13 years so far in the field of Sexual Medicine & Psychiatry has been an immensely satisfying one.

I work closely with my patients, understand them as people first and then work with them to help overcome their sexual and relationship problems. I am empathetic and try and understand your point of view about the problem and then formulate a management plan which we can work together with.

In the past, I have had the good fortune of working together with experts, as part of integrative oncology team, dealing with sexual and psychological issues arising out of cancer and the consequences of it.

General Psychiatry has been very close to my heart as that was my basic training and has been very fascinating to say the least. The way the mind works has always amazed me and I am glad I am a part of 1000s of client’s lives and have helped them in overcoming their depression, anxiety, addiction, low self esteem, phobias and obsessions.

My colleagues have been very kind and have appreciated me for the patience I have displayed while working with my clients and the way I have managed difficult cases and still been able to bring out the best outcomes and improving their overall quality of life.

Research has always been a top priority and hence I have served in the capacity of Manager, Medical Safety Advisor at Quintiles (a clinical research organization) in the field of Pharmacovigilance, where along with my team of 22 physicians, strived hard to identify, evaluate various side effect profiles of the drugs and take necessary actions when needed and thus making it safe for the patients who take the medications and also for the doctors who prescribe them.  I have and continue to be part of the clinical trials of new molecules in the field of Psychiatry, which always brings new hope for a better life.

I enjoy music and never fail to appreciate a good piece of art. Tech-house, Rap and Hip-hop, Alternative rock, Psychill and lounge music are almost always on my playlist.  I am always fascinated by the works of great masters of art such as Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso.

I love to travel and explore places and local cuisine and take the off beaten path of any country that I visit to get the feel of the place and culture.

Just before I sign off, I want to let you know that I do understand that before reaching out to me, you probably would have thought through this a lot, contemplated about seeking help for the sexual and relationship problems.

Whatever that is stopping you, be it the stigma, self doubt or lack of awareness, I assure you that I will give my best to help you lead a blissful life. Until then “Keep the faith”!


MBBS – JJMMC, Davanagere.
Internship – St.Johns Medical College Hospital, Bangalore.
MD in Psychiatry – Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore.
Fellow of European Committee for Sexual Medicine – Europe.

Past experiences:

Abhaya Hospital – Center for Neuropsychiatry and Critical Care, Wilson Garden.
Abhaya Addiction recovery centre, Kumbalagodu, Bangalore.
HCG – South Asia’s largest Cancer care hospital, Mission road, Bangalore.
Quintiles (Now IQVIA) – Manager, Medical Safety Advisor – Pharmacovigilance.