About Us

We are a modern Medical Clinic

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How are we different and Why choose us ?

We are understanding, empathetic and know your world and bring in years of experience of helping people with similar problems and know this like the back of our palm. We are able to clearly point out the issues and problem areas and also suggest workable plan which works great!

We are trained professionals from the prestigious institute in the field of sexual medicine – The European Society of Sexual Medicine. This translates into a complete understanding, holistic care and deeper look and evaluation to all details and aspects of the sexual and relationship wellness.

We use a multidimensional approach to solving your issues to draft a great management plan to help you understand your problems and also have a road map to recovery which our patients find to be a completely satisfying experience.

Map displayed Sexual Medicine Specialists recognised worldwide by European Society for Sexual Medicine.

Each management plan is tailor made keeping you in mind. Hence, no blanket therapy and general advice or guidance. As we understand that all are unique and hence this approach works best!

We offer second opinions too! Being the experts in this field, patients reach out to us to check with us, if some treatment they are on is the right approach or not. We evaluate and provide proper suggestions and guidance in this regards. Patients have benefited from our inputs and thus regard us the most reliable and trustworthy partners to help them in their sexual and relationship issues.


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Calm, serene, confidential and relaxed atmosphere – almost feels like home!